Albs, Stoles and Cinctures

Alter Servers Cinctures
These cinctures are used with our Altar Servers Albs. Panera...
Ex VAT €5.95
Ex Tax: €5.95
Polyester Albs
Zipped Albs made from 100% Polyester fabric with cassock-sty...
Ex VAT €44.72
Ex Tax: €44.72
Polyester/Cotton Albs
These albs are made from a lightweight 65% polyester 35% cot...
Ex VAT €36.59
Ex Tax: €36.59
We have a variety of Stoles in stock in reversible White/Pur...
Ex VAT €97.60
Ex Tax: €97.60
Altar Servers Albs/Confirmation Albs
These altar servers albs have become a very big part of...
Ex VAT €29.90
Ex Tax: €29.90
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